Meet Hubert

Our lodge manager

Hubert de Murard – our manager

I am the Lodge Manager at Topas Ecolodge. I come from Paris but now I live here in the middle of the mountains with my wife and our baby girl. It is great for us to be here at Topas Ecolodge and to raise our daughter in this unique environment of rice fields and fresh air. The area is magnificent and you should try it out!

Eric - Manager at Topas Ecolodge

Interview with Hubert

  • Hubert, your an experienced hotelier but why did you decide to move to remote Vietnam ?

    The challenge here is very exciting and the place beautiful, employees great people, as the guests. My wife is originally from here so it shells me in my decision.

  • How about your young daughter here at Topas Ecolodge?

    My daughter is born in Sept 2014 so she can enjoy the nature, play with the animals etc…but most importantly, she is closer to my family in law.

  • What is your best advice for coming guests at Topas Ecolodge?

    The best solution would be to come by the Topas Mountain Express for a convenient and comfortable ride and stay with us 2 or 3 nights to fully enjoy what the area has to offer, 2/3 nights or more to have time to discover plenty of villages, to meet the great minorities and to fully admire the landscape.

  • What is your highlight as lodge manager?

    To me, is to have the time to take the time, to not rush and to be in harmony with Topas Ecolodge environment.

  • Hubert do you have any other comments?

    Yes, I invite everyone to contact me if they have any questions or feedback. My goal and my passion are to make the stay of all my guests the most enjoyable as possible.