Our serene spa offers traditional
Red Dao herbal baths and massage

Lodge spa menu

To help guests truly Unwind, our serene spa offers traditional Red Dao herbal baths and massage.
The perfect treat after a day of intrepid exploration.

Foot treatments

Basic foot therapy

Release your muscles tension with medium or deep pressure Perfect after a day of trekking.

30 minutes415.000 VND
45 minutes570.000 VND
60 minutes625.000 VND

Special herbal foot therapy

Soaking your feet with mountain herbs then herbal compress is the best way to sleep well.

45 minutes625.000 VND
60 minutes780.000 VND

Face treatments

Refreshing face treatment

(Oily skin types)
Clean your face, tighten pores and remove excess oil.

30 minutes570.000 VND
60 minutes885.000 VND

Natural beauty face treatment

(All skin types) Try out our natural facial treatment, moisturized your face with fresh Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Yogurt and Honey.

30 minutes655.000 VND
60 minutes1040.000 VND

Head treatments

Indian Head Therapy

Clear your mind after a long day or hard hike with this treatment to relax. This Indian head massage takes the pain away with warm coconut oiL

30 minutes520.000 VND

Oriental Back Therapy

Release the tensions from your back with warm oil. A neck, shoulder and head massage is added to unwind yourself

30 minutes520.000 VND
45 minutes675.000 VND
60 minutes830.000 VND

Body treatments

Lodge signature body massage

The most relaxing treatment. A signature massage created exclusively for Topas Eco\odge, using herbal and Essential Oil to awaken up your senses.

90 minutes1.510.000 VND
120 minutes1.820.000 VND

Pressure point body treatment

A traditional of Vietnamese treatment allows the therapist to work on your body by slow movements and pressurepoint. Feel the tension and toxin melt away from your body by 5 minutes cupping and 55 minutes massage with natural oil.

60 minutes830.000 VND
90 minutes1.250.000 VND

Smooth body treatment

A classical relaxing oil massage based on European’s techniques to reduce muscles tensions and balances your body and mind.

60 minutes730.000 VND
90 minutes1100.000 VND


Herbal bath

Detoxify your body and get back your energy after a herbal bath made with special herb mixture from Red Dao minority.

30 minutes470.000 VND

Ginger brandy bath

Keep yourself from cold or flu when the weather changes with this brandy bath.

30 minutes520.000 VND