Our restaurant and lounge were created using two old traditional Tay stilt houses, carefully moved piece by piece from their original site and reassembled at the lodge. Facilities were added to meet modern standards while respecting the original and historical qualities of the buildings.

The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner for up to 70 guests, with an a la carte lunch and dinner menu offered. Breakfast consists of mainly international dishes and includes freshly baked bread, homemade jam and fresh fruit juice.

The lunch and dinner menu feature traditional Vietnamese dishes, with specialities from the region and a few Western options. Perennial favourites such as spring rolls, banana flower salad, morning glory, and steamed fish are given a European twist by our award winning Danish chef, Sune Jørgensen and his team.

For dinner we offer two specialities – northern style hot pot and a local mountain chicken menu. 

We source as much of our produce as possible from the local area and are currently working on new contracts that benefit local farmers and ensure a consistent supply of locally produced, pesticide-free products.


Our lounge is in the same Tay stilt house, underneath the restaurant, and serves as a relaxed and friendly meeting point for our guests. Here you will find a bar offering a range of beverages and snacks. You will also find different board games and some toys for children. We have a small library where you are welcome to borrow a book or donate any you no longer need. A cosy fireplace keeps the place warm during the winter. The lounge is the only place at the lodge equipped with wifi.

Organic supply chain

We are currently working with three different farmers all within a radius of 15 km and a rice husker. The purpose of the supply chain project is to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with local farmers in the area around the lodge.