Sapa & Beyond
Round trips in Vietnam

For Topas, Sapa is where it all began. Back in the 1990s when we started exploring these mountains, it was love at first sight. 

After getting to know the people, we became enchanted. And after seeing the cultural and economic benefits of small-scale tourism, especially to the backdrop of mass tourism, we were committed. Two and half decades later, our approach hasn’t changed.

The destination may have seen rapid advancement but Sapa is still the destination we cherish.

Vietnam is a diverse country, home to 54 different cultures and with an extensive history and varied natural landscapes that differ from rural to urban areas, from lowland to mountainous regions and from inland to islands. 

To help guests explore and discover this beautiful country and venture deeper into the hidden areas, we offer round trips lasting from 10 to 20 days. A typical round trip through the country takes in the Red River Delta and the spectacular mountainous areas around Sapa in the north, the sea landscape of Halong Bay with its majestic limestone karsts in the northeast, the world heritage sites of Hue and Hoi An in the central region, both steeped in history, and the Mekong Delta in the south. The rapidly changing urban metropolis of Hanoi and the sleek Ho Chi Minh City act as gateways for journeys into the rural areas.

With so much to offer and with Topas Travel acting as your specialized tour organizer providing hand-picked, “off the beaten track”, genuine journeys of exploration and adventure, you will certainly discover the highlights of this beautiful country.

With a deep understanding of the Vietnam, Topas Travel can provide both scheduled and customized round trips to explore major sightseeing locations, providing an in-depth overview of the country’s long history and diverse cultures while introducing visitors to the affable, optimistic local people, the mouth-watering cuisine and unique, comfortable and tasteful accommodation.

Sapa is featured in our Classic Tours. If you’re looking for a more active experience in and around Sapa, take a look at our Active options. If you’re traveling with kids, both young and old, check out our Family tours.

We also tailor tours for our guests according to their specific requests. So let’s start a conversation to create a memorable experience for you and your family, or friends with our (Amazing) Trip Designers.

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