Topas Day Tours

A pleasant home of Topas Ecolodge is perfect for taking some outdoor hobbies including bicycling and hiking as well as cultural immersion through village tours, market stops, and textile workshops to see the breathtaking scenery of northern Vietnam and the region’s unique minority villages.

Browse our day-packages below for interesting ideas on how to make the most of your time in Sapa!

Sapa's hidden trails

Venture into Hoang Lien National Park’s most hidden areas on a 7km hike through rugged countryside, cornfield dirt trails, and terraced rice fields on our best-selling, most popular day-hike! 

Jungle & waterfall hike with BBQ lunch

Sometimes food is the best part of the travel experience, and Sapa is no exception to this universal truth. Combine a gentle 3-hour hike through lush jungle, cinnamon plantations and rice terraces leading to a natural pool and picturesque waterfalls, before tucking into a sumptuous Sapa-inspired BBQ served by Red Dzao women in the Topas Riverside Lodge garden.

Red Dao Culture

Lech Dao village is located in the hilly mountains of Thanh Kim Commune, inhabited by Red Dao people. This half-day walk offers you a chance to meet local people, visit their homes and learn about Red Dao culture. Enjoy the magnificent view of rice valley and take some great pictures of the landscape.

On top of the world

Summit the Roof of Indochina, Mount Fansipan (3.143m) by the recently launched cable car. Enjoy the magnificent views of Muong Hoa valley and look into the bordering China and Laos. Combine the trip with exploring Sapa, a historic mountain town known as Tonkin’s Hill Station.

The Peak Above

A great opportunity for you to conquer Silverstone Mountain by hiking, enjoy fantastic view of the surrounding valley from the mountain peak. Encounter with local ethnic of Red Dao and Black H’mong you will learn more about their culture and life in the high mountain

Sunday Market Extravaganza

Bac Ha is the largest Sunday Market as well as the most colorful one in the area. Here you can meet mostly the Flower H’mong and then the Phu La, Black Dao, Tay, Nung minorities. The market offers a variety of local products, which could not be found in other areas. The animal market will be also very interesting.

Textile Workshop – H'Mong Batik and Folk Art

Textile Workshop – Vietnam’s 54 different ethnic minority communities are renowned for the incredible textiles used to create different traditional dresses. The Red Dao and Black H’Mong in particular have some of the most captivating, with symbolic patterned themes, intricate fabric embellishment, hand embroidery, and natural dyeing.