Sapa is a popular tourist destination in northern Vietnam and a natural starting point for those discovering the unique mountainous area, including the Hoang Lien Son mountain range and Mt Fansipan – Indochina’s highest peak at 3,143m.

The region is also home to five different ethnic minority groups, each with their own distinct language, dress and cultural values. Some of the villages, especially those located deep in more remote areas, are still largely untouched by modern life.

Visiting these villages is one of the major highlights of exploring the area, and there are an array of opportunities to experience the hidden trails, breathtaking scenery, and fascinating local culture

Topas Ecolodge is based on sustainable hotel operation values to ensure minimum impact on the surrounding environment while offering guests a unique position to immerse themselves in local communities. 

We employ people from nearby villages and use local products and goods in order to bring economic benefits to our regional communities. Amongst many other initiatives, we have a constructed wetland to treat our wastewater from the kitchen and laundry. We also have a glass crusher which allows us to recycle bottles.

Our story

After years of wonderful adventures in Sapa’s mountains, our team envisioned a hiker’s dream – an eco-friendly mountain lodge with basic comforts close to community life. Hear the story behind Vietnam’s most iconic bird’s eye view…

Immerse yourself into pure nature

Wondering what to expect when reserving your stay at Topas Ecolodge?

First and foremost, we are situated 18 km outside of Sapa town, (a 45-minute drive). The road meanders through valleys, local villages, and mountains and can be expected to be in poor condition at times. You may have to stop once in awhile to let a buffalo cross the street! 

While we do have “luxury” in terms of our awe-inspiring mountain views, we are not a 5-star resort but a lodge similar to what you would find in Scandinavia.

Our bungalows were surrounded by pure nature with rustic but comfy interior design, hoping to help you completely escape from everyday life and immerse yourself into pure nature. You can spend the whole day on your private balcony mesmerized by the mountains, in our two saltwater infinity pools, or the Rice spa. 

One of the pillars of our organization is our committment to the local community, therefore all of our employees are hired from the nearby local tribes. As they work at Topas, they learn English as well as other hospitality skills through training. We ask guests to be patient and kind when ordering in English, and that in the event of any language barriers, you can always find someone to help you at Reception! 

Due to our mountain location, the weather can be unpredictable – so please do pack something for all seasons when coming, as we have a famous phrase that this location can experience all 4 seasons in one day! 

We are so excited to welcome you here at Topas Ecolodge and our little slice of Vietnam. So go ahead and escape your busy city life and truly experience the peacefulness and authenticity of a real mountain getaway.

Our bungalows

Topas Ecolodge consists of 49 stylish chalet-style stone bungalows in local white granite from the Hoang Lien mountains, each with its own spacious balcony overlooking an expansive vista of towering mountain peaks and stunning, rice terraced valleys.


Relax and unwind

Topas Ecolodge is designed as a simple retreat set within pristine natural surroundings and therefore facilities have been kept to a minimum.  

Most folks love to spend time in our two saltwater infinity pools offering impressive views of the area. While the top pool is heated year-round, the bottom pool is an Adults-only quiet zone with refreshing waters and a bubbling jacuzzi. 

Make sure to book a treatment or two at the Rice Spa, specializing in treatments created from the combination of ancient knowledge, local materials, and modern techniques.

Dining experiences

Our restaurant and lounge are located in two old traditional Tay stilt houses carefully moved piece by piece from its original site and reassembled at the lodge. There are plenty of supplementary dining activities to make your stay more personalized as well! 

Our lodge manager

Our lodge manager Christian hails from Denmark where he first trained at the 5 star Ruths Hotel. His resume includes Spanish, French and Nordic cuisines, plus organic farm-to-table. Since 2019 he has been creating dishes at both Topas Ecolodge, leading the kitchen, managing the seasonal organic gardens, and working with farmers nearby who raise free-range pigs and chickens to ensure the kitchens have the very best of locally available produce. 

“I love being a chef and lodge manager in Vietnam’s most remote mountains. Previously, I lived in Saigon, a city with over 10 million people. Being here in the mountains takes me back to my roots and helps me be at one with nature. Here, I can follow the process of all my ingredients, literally from seed to harvest, from egg to full grown chicken. Having this privilege gives one much more respect for each ingredient and challenges you to use every bit of it.” – Christian Milling 

How to get here

There are a number of ways to reach us, depending on your budget and schedule, the most comfortable of which is our join-in shuttle service which completes a daily journey from Hanoi to Topas Ecolodge within 5 hours! 

At present, we are working with three different farmers – all within a radius of 15 km and a rice husker. Additionally, we plan to expand the project and negotiate ongoing collaborations and contracts with more local farmers.

At Topas Ecolodge we believe that both the environment and local community should benefit from our business, and we are committed to producing long-term sustainable benefits.