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August News

Welcome to the August news from Topas. August is the start of the golden rice season around Sapa. The hillsides are carpeted with immense terraces resplendent in their golden tones, while ethnic minority people add colour, often working in their traditional clothing. Read on to learn more about what’s happening at our lodges this month and find recent harvest season photos taken nearby, alongside more about our charity initiatives.

'Insect Resorts' opens for guests

We don’t only welcome humans at Topas Ecolodge, but also all kinds of insects! Throughout our land ‘insect hotels’ have been built; these mini structures provide spaces for butterflies, bees, beetles and much more. These creatures contribute to the overall ecosystem in the Ecolodge grounds. Having more insects will result in an even greater wildlife experience for our human guests to enjoy too.

insect hotel 2

Eco Friendly Room Updates

At Topas Ecolodge, we always focus on improving and investing in the most environmentally friendly solutions. This August, we have revamped the bungalows with various eco-solutions. One of these is the replacement of ordinary refrigerators with non-electric ice boxes to save energy. These boxes will only be filled with ice and goodies at the request of guests, thus saving further energy compared to traditional fridges which run all the time. 

Furthermore, we have added more bamboo bathroom items for guests. Our toothbrushes, combs and more are all bamboo.

Golden Harvest Photos

Our Topas team member, Kien, has recently been out to capture the beauty around Topas Ecolodge and Topas Riverside Lodge.

Charity Runs Deeper

The Topas relationship with Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation stretches back some time, but it was the invitation to run at the Topas-organised Vietnam Mountain Marathon in Sapa that brought us closer. Little did we know then, however, what those runners would go on to achieve…