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Sapa's Golden Season

Late August and September is the Golden Season around Sapa, when the rice is ripe and the harvest takes place.

Words by Thanh. Photos by Gioi.  

The highland rice harvesting season comes following much work throughout the preceding months. And because it only happens one time per year, it is greeted with much enthusiasm by farmers.  

A bountiful harvest of ripe rice is not only important to the well-being of many houses in terms of their own rice consumption and sale, it also brings many tourists, as the rice harvest season is perhaps the most beautiful season of the year.  


Visitors admire the canvas nature and farmers create together across the Hoang Lien highland region, with the mixture of the brilliant yellow of the vast rice fields and the deep green of the great mountainsOften a blanket of mist enhances the beauty in the mornings. 

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Add to this the fragrant aroma of new sticky rice and encounters with the people enthusiastically working the fields in groups and you have the recipe for the most beautiful vacation in the Northwest. 

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